Job Nightmares (literally)

Two nights ago, I had a nightmare … about my job.

I know. It’s stupid. I work in retail, where there are not high stakes for me. Plus, it’s honestly not the end of the world for me because I currently work to save money for the future, not because my I plan to make a career out of my current position. Yet still, I had a nightmare that kept me up for hours in the night because I could not stop thinking about it.

Before I delve into the actual dream, I need to back up a bit. Earlier that day, I was working at my store and helping a customer. He was a friendly man, but he did not seem to understand the concept of personal space and how it has changed since Covid. He kept tying to get me to smell all the perfumes for him and reassure him that he was buying the best one for his wife. I eventually got him to buy one perfume and he was on his way. Overall, it was an average interaction, though certainly not memorable.

That night, I dreamt that I was work. In the dream, the same customer from that day came back to the store and shoved the perfume he had purchased back into my hands, saying that it was a mistake and that he’d be better not buying his wife a gift at all. He wasn’t even trying to get his money back- he just wanted to be rid of the perfume that I had spent so much time helping him choose. In the dream, I screamed, “YOU IDIOT!” at this man.

In front of the entire store.

Very loudly.

Then, dream-me burst into tears as I was escorted to a meeting with the head of the company (who realistically could not have arrived in town so quickly), and then I woke up.

Thinking back on it, this dream is pretty hilarious. What kept me from falling back asleep, however, was the fear that I could actually lose my temper at work. Nowadays everybody is under so much additional strain that people do yell in retail stores. I just hope that no matter how bad it gets, I keep acting professionally and never act like dream-me did.

(Featured Image by Vladislav Muslakov on Unsplash)


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