When Should I Shop? – Covid Holiday Edition

With Covid cases rising in BC and new measures being put in place, I bet some of you are worried about what might happen next. If things get worse, what if they close the malls? What if your favourite store has to shut down at the peak time for shopping? I personally recommend shopping online when possible to protect you and your loved ones. However, when you do have to go to the mall, here are a few tips for having the most pleasant, safe experience.

1. Shop Now, not on December 20th

The mall is only going to get busier as we get closer to the holidays. If you get your Christmas shopping done now, you will deal with smaller crowds and more space for physically distancing. Plus, it’s good to get this done early in case some stores shut down!

2. Shop During the Week

Weekends are notorious for being crazy at the mall, and that is no exception even with Covid. For example, my store usually has a lineup to enter the store on the weekend, versus no lineup on weekdays. If you can, come to the mall on these quieter days and you’ll have an easier time physical distancing, as well as finish your shopping more efficiently.

3. Shop in the Morning

Between 10am and 12pm, my store is usually quiet. If you come at this time, you’ll have no trouble physical distancing from others. You can also get better quality assistance from retail associates because they can focus more on your needs instead of you plus thirty others. If you combine coming early with shopping during the week, you’ll be done with your holiday shopping in no time!

(Featured Image by 天成 褚 on Unsplash)


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