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As soon as I figured out what my blog was going to be about, I started playing around with WordPress. I dove into all the different options and experimented with colours, photos, themes, etc. I wanted to make sure I had a general understanding for the lay of the land before doing anything.

After experimenting for a while, I started making decisions based on what I liked to see on blogs that I visit: readable content, relevant images, classy colour schemes, and a menu that was easy to navigate. Every now and then I would get frustrated with my lack of understanding of how to do something. For example, I had put one of my posts under both the “Posiel” category and the “Blog” category and I did not know how to change that. For a fleeting moment, I thought that I could just leave it as it was, that it would not make much of a difference in the grand scheme of things. That mentality lasted about two minutes until I found myself heading back to my computer and searching for a tutorial of how to solve my problem. I found my answer within minutes. That scenario has occurred several more times, and each time I have been able to locate some resource to solve my problem.

Many of my decisions have been more unconscious than strategically planned. Several times, I have woken up in the morning with a new idea for my site that I had dreamed up while I slept. My rationale for my decisions altogether has been focused on what feels right for my blog and what aligns with my vision of where this blog will end up later. I do not expect my blog to be perfect now (not that anything can ever be truly perfect), but I am focused on progressing and learning how to make it the best blog for myself and for visitors.

Below, I have linked some helpful guides that I used to solve my WordPress issues:

WordPress Support – Categories

Changing “About this Site”

Remove “Uncategorized”

(Featured Image by Nick Morrison on Unsplash)


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