My Imagined Audience

Up until this point, I have not thought much about who might be viewing my site. This blog feels so close to me that it feels like a journal for my experiences, so sometimes I forget that anyone could access my thoughts and feelings. At the same time, I assume that some of my classmates visit the site because it can be helpful to compare a classmate’s site and your own.

If I really stop to think about it, I suppose that I imagine people who are in a similar situation to me finding this blog and relating to its content. The audience I see is made up of people like me who have many experiences to share from working in a modified fashion during this time. I do include a fair about of tags in my posts, so I hope that those help attract viewers who are researching retail, Covid-19, and everything in between!

On top of having people view my site, Michael Warner’s article, “Publics and Counterpublics” really made me understand that my website can have its own public because my site allows for social interaction. That’s crazy! Because of this, I want to ensure that I keep an open mind on the topics that I write about. I recognize that within the public dealing with Covid-19 and/or the public working in retail, there may be some counterpublics that disagree with my work. My plan is to look at issues from different perspectives and even ask questions directed at my audience in my posts. I have yet to have someone comment on my posts, but I hope that I can engage my audience more by presenting more opportunities for discussion.

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