My Reluctance to Share Personal Information Online

You may have noticed that I have not shared many personal details about myself. For example, in my “About” section there is an animated picture of me instead of my real face. I have shared my first name but not my surname. There are also no links to my personal social media. This was a very deliberate choice of mine due to the nature of this blog and my personal feelings on personal privacy.

This blog primarily encompasses my experiences in my workplace. I focus on the interactions that I have with customers, leaving names and detailed descriptions out of my work to protect their privacy. While I try not to share anything about my workplace, it is possible that my employers would not be pleased that I am writing about my experiences that occur within a professional setting. I will therefore keep the name of my company and its location private to avoid any repercussions from my employers. In addition, I do not want to specify what store I work at because I definitely do not want anybody on the Internet to know where to find me. The thought of someone who reads my blog seeking me out at my work is terrifying, regardless of their intentions.

This all ties into why I am reluctant to link my personal social media to this website. If I shared these links, people would easily find out a lot of information about me, which could lead to figuring out where I work and where I attend school. If you are visiting from my Pub101 course, I know that you have access to some of these details, but I know that I can trust you with the information. The same cannot be said for others who access this website. Moreover, even though I am aware of the great things the Internet has done, I am not done being afraid of it. I want to protect what remains of my privacy to give myself peace of mind when writing about my life. I simply cannot get rid of the feeling that letting go of my privacy will have unintended consequences.

So, I feel good with where I am at. I am proud of this platform and happy that I have a public to share to, and I am comforted by the fact that I remain somewhat anonymous while doing so.

(Featured Image by Thomas Dacker on Unsplash)


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