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Today I will be conducting a peer review for Chiang Finance’s website, including an examination of the design, content, and the development of the online self. Keep in mind that I accessed this site and published this review on October 9th, 2020, so if you are reading this later, it is possible that edits have been made to

First of all, I like the theme of the homepage, it makes me eager to dive into the featured posts. It has a very clean look to it and the menu is easy to navigate. The purpose behind the site is straightforward (“Financial Tips for Young Adults”), however I had to go into the “About” section to learn more than that. Perhaps you could put a one-sentence description on the homepage that gives a few more details about the purposes of this site. I think that by mentioning on the homepage that you are studying finance, you will give your website more credibility from the get-go and better articulate your online self.

It is clear from your blog posts that you have a lot of knowledge and experience with financial matters. I am glad to see that you have linked out to other sites/your previous posts and answered questions that young adults may ask.  Your vision board fits well with the content you have produced, so it is clear you have figured out who you want to be online and what you aim to accomplish. I liked how each post features a relevant image and how many of your posts referred to our assigned readings. I also enjoyed seeing your mini assignments, especially the meme you created.

One critique that I have is related to spelling and grammar. While I can understand everything that you are saying, there are enough spelling/grammar mistakes to reduce the level of professionalism on this site. I know that it is easy to make these small errors when writing directly in WordPress. I suggest writing your posts in Microsoft Word so that the program can revise your work before you publish it. This also has the bonus of having a secondary storage place for your work in case something happens to your website.

While I am glad to see that you have a “Contact” page, I think you should consider using a contact form. According to this WPForms article, this will enhance the level of professionalism for your site and allow readers to contact you without even having to leave your site. This will also protect your privacy better so that readers and scammers cannot access your university email so easily. I found this tutorial here to be helpful; you should be able to apply the steps listed in the article to a plugin of your choosing!

Overall, I am quite impressed with your website, especially after reading that this is the first website you have built. You are consistent with your tone and have already written about a variety of financial issues. You are consistent with your tone and have already written about a variety of financial issues. In Matthew Stadler’s 2010 speech, “What is Publication”, he states that publication requires being a good host, which in particular requires consistency and transparency. You seem to be on the right track here and I am confident that you will be a good host. I am excited to see where you go from here!

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