Peer Review #2 – Let’s Talk About this Film

Today, I am very excited to be conducting a peer review for Let’s Talk About this Film. In this review, I will be focusing primarily on the design of the website as of October 20th, 2020. I will be drawing upon concepts such as contrast, typography, consistency, and overall usability; these concepts are gone over in more detail here.

When I first view your page, I see a classic black/grey background with white writing. The writing is clearly legible because of the contrast, and header image adds to my understanding of what your blog is about. I think that the font in the header really suits the tone of the website. It would be nice if you customized the font for the rest of your posts to complement your writing. Your current font seems quite generic, so I think customizing it to match the font of the header will create consistency with your work. There is a Netflix logo in the header that did confuse me a bit. Is your site only reviewing movies on Netflix? That doesn’t seem to be the case as I continue reading, so I think it would be best if you used a more general icon so that readers know exactly what will be in store for them.

I found it easy to access your posts, as I able to view the most recent posts by scrolling down the homepage or by using the menu. However, because you have a continuous scroll, I did feel a bit bored scrolling through all the lines of text. I think you could better captivate your readers by adding more images to your posts, whether that be a featured image or an image between lines of text to illustrate a point. This will give your page a better rhythm, as right now there is no patter of where images appear. If you are not attached to the idea of the continuous scroll, you could always install a plugin (if your theme can’t do it) to create a grid layout, which will allow you to access content without scrolling through so much work. I was able to use the grid layout by following the instructions here.

At the bottom of the homepage, there are several link icons that have no description attached to them.

It seems that when you click on one of these icons, it takes you to a static page that was set up by the theme but is not being used by your blog.

Don’t be afraid to customize your site! I am not sure how your theme may differ from my own, but I think you could remove these footer icons or edit the link attached to them by following one of the suggestions here. There are several options to choose from, so hopefully at least one will work with your theme. Similarly, I think you could customize the other things that appear in your footer area, such as the additional “Address” or “Hours” tab. I see you wrote a funny comment to go along with each of them, but I am not sure if that is because you genuinely wanted those sections or because you haven’t tried to customize the site. For the purposes of your site, those tabs should not be necessary.

I see that you have not attached any social media links. I didn’t do this either to protect my privacy, but if you would like you can link to your social media by following the steps here. I also suggest you install a plugin to your contact page so that your personal email can’t be so easily accessed (it may attract spam by being so openly available on your site.) Having a contact form will also enhance the professionalism of your site and make it easier for your readers to contact you. You can install a contact form by following the steps here.

One final thing I wanted to mention, though it is not related to design, is spelling and grammar. There are many errors throughout all your posts that discourage me from reading your work. Make sure you proof read prior to posting, and maybe look into using something like Grammarly if this is an issue you struggle with in your other academics.

Overall, there are definitely some good things going on your site. I enjoyed your colour scheme and site usability. I think the biggest thing is for you to customize your site to suit your style; don’t rely solely on the original theme! I hope that the links I provided help you to customize your site to meet your vision!

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