Peer Review #2 Reflection & Design Updates

Last week, on of my peers reviewed my site for its design. The review can be found here. Overall, my peer liked the design of my site, especially with regards to the usability of the menu and my inclusion of visuals. One thing they suggested is that I make my home page a little more like my blog page. They said that my blog page, which an image and an excerpt of each post, leads users to want to click on more posts. If I had something like that on my homepage, users could have even quicker access to my posts and are less likely to get bored with a static homepage. I had been wanting to implement a “Recent Posts” section on my homepage anyway, so this review motivated me to do the research into how I could do this while keeping my homepage static. I like having a static homepage because without that extra description about my blog, I feel as though some users may not understand what my site is about.

I installed a plugin called Gutenberg Post Blocks. While I was a bit limited by my choice not to upgrade and pay for extra features, I was still able to implement my vision. I now display three recent blog posts on my homepage and allow for the user to click “Load More” should they choose to view more posts in reverse-chronological order. I was also able to use the same typography and colour scheme that the rest of my site displays, so I am glad that despite requiring the use of this plugin, my site still looks consistent. I will continue to play around with this plugin and see what else I can do (for free, at least!)

(Featured Image by Dai KE on Unsplash)


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