Peer Review and Design Reflection

Last week, this site was peer reviewed by a classmate of mine (the review can be found here.) I was pleased to see that my classmate liked my menu setup, as well as the minimalist theme. This classmate also enjoyed my written work, which boosted my confidence since I aim to have strong written skills and to communicate effectively to my readers.

One tip that my classmate gave was that I change the layout of my posts. Originally, my posts were in a full-list form- that is, you had to scroll past an entire post to read the previous post. My classmate suggested that I use a block format so that more of my posts can be viewed at once, and then my reader can more easily navigate my written work. I implemented the format based on this video that my peer recommended, and I like the way it turned out.

Then, during my class lecture, we discussed design ideas, which provoked me to make some extra changes to my site. My site previously displayed a large header image, which met the aesthetic I was looking for but also took up so much space that viewers would have to scroll down to see what my page was about, running the risk that they may leave the page due to the work needed on their part. When looking to change this layout to ensure that viewers would stay to access my content, my TA mentioned that when looking at WordPress themes, there is a Feature Filter that allows you to select features that you want on your site and generates the themes that meet your set criteria. Once I discovered this feature, I was able to select a theme that better suited my style and preferences. I now have more control over the layout of my site while still maintaining the minimalist style that I began with. I am much happier with my site now, so many thanks to my classmate for the peer review as well as others who have offered me suggestions to improve this site. I look forward to hearing more feedback in the coming weeks to make this site the best reflection of my work.

(Featured Image by Windows on Unsplash)


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