Site Updates: Image Copyright & SSL

After today’s lecture about copyright, I’ll admit, I was spooked. The images that I had previously used on my site were not my own, and I was worried that I could still get into legal trouble even if I did give the creator proper credit. While I would love to use my own photos, I don’t for the following reasons:

(1) I don’t have a camera besides the one on my VERY old iPhone, and

(2) I don’t want to take pictures that would show where I work, who I am, etc.

Our guest speaker Jon Festinger mentioned that he uses Wiki Media Images for when he needs to use images that aren’t his own, but I was unable to find images there that were relevant to my site (if you’re looking for images for yourself, I’d still check it out though!)

After some research, I came across Unsplash, which is a great source for accessing free images.

All the images I came across were high in quality and resolution, so they were perfect for adding to my site. The creator for each image is credited on Unsplash and their personal profile is linked so you can access their other work. Now, most of the images featured on my site come from Unsplash, and I give credit to the creator below the content of each post. I feel more at ease knowing that I am legally safe from copyright infringement, and I am thankful that I have a platform where I can share these amazing images.

One other change that I made that was less related to copyright and more to site security was installing the Really Simple SSL plugin. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. The only difference that you would notice on my site is that there is a little lock in front of the URL that shows that my site is secure and that the link between the server and the client is encrypted.

Overall, I feel relieved that I finally made these changes and that no harm was done before I figured everything out!

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