Small Site Update & Monetization

As of now, I’m happy with my site. I haven’t done a huge makeover in a while because I like my theme and have found plugins to solve issues that my theme didn’t address.

One small change I made is on the links within my posts. Previously, if the user clicked on one of these links, the new page would replace my own, creating an extra step for the user if they want to go back to my site. I have changed this so that the links open in a new tab, which will be much more user-friendly.

Now, onto the topic of monetization…

While I would love to make some extra money, I don’t see it as super realistic for this site, and I’m okay with that. I don’t have a huge following right now, so who would even sponsor me anyway? I feel like that is a process I could look into later as this site begins to pick up speed.

I honestly don’t want to have my site cluttered with advertisements- that’s not my style. If I were ever to monetize in the future, I think I would try to personalize the ads and work with the other company to make sure that the ads are relevant to my site. For example, one podcast that I love to listen to is Potterless – the tale of an adult man reading the Harry Potter books (and eventually getting to the movies and bonus content) for the first time. What I love about the way that Potterless does ads is that Mike (the host) connects the ads to something related to that episode or something to do with the magical world. You can tell that he cares about what he promotes and how he does so. If I were ever to monetize Masked Retail, I would hope to be conscientious in my method and delivery.

For now though, I am perfectly content with having my site be editorial in nature- that is, uninfluenced by rewards and solely based on my experiences the way I see them.

(Featured Image by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash)


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